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Meet The Home Staging Experts Behind Luxe Home Staging and Design


Behind every well-staged home is a well-trained professional who knew just what was needed to create that “wow” factor. In South Florida, Sandra Holmes and Lyn Spaeth, who joined forces in 2017 to create Luxe Home Staging and Design, are turning interiors into refreshed spaces. “All properties, regardless of their price point, can benefit from staging,” Holmes says. “There is a misconception that staging is only necessary for luxury properties. Every single home whether it is occupied or vacant should be staged at any price range.”

Holmes started in the business 15 years ago as CEO of Home Staging Concepts in South Florida. As she became more successful, she partnered with Spaeth, who owned Transformations Home Staging and Design in Boston for 17 years prior to relocating to South Florida. Between the two of them, they have staged more than $2.5 billion in real estate.

Holmes and Spaeth serve as executive vice presidents of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. They are trained Accredited Staging Professionals and Master Stagers, of which there are only 200 worldwide. They also teach courses to realtors and stagers nationwide. Through these roles, Holmes and Spaeth influence the industry through education, conferences and an online university.


What’s your style of approach when it comes to staging a home?

SH: Our approach always begins with identifying who the buyer is for a property. We study the demographics of that area and start with that buyer in mind. Then, we create a lifestyle for that demographic. We invest greatly in the details so when people walk into a Luxe staged home they can feel the quality and lifestyle that they want to live. In addition, we stage houses based upon architecture and style of the property. It is always the goal to enhance the beauty of the architectural features.

Why is it important to stage a home?

LS: Staging allows a house to show off its best features, minimize any challenges, create great traffic flow and enhance the visual appeal. Staging is a key marketing tool as it brings measurable value to the sale price of a house. Many of our clients love the work we do when staging their homes for sale, so much that they then hire us to work on their new home. We stage to sell, but we also stage to live.

From where do you source furniture and accessories?

SH: We do most of our shopping at the furniture markets from our wholesale vendors when we visit their showrooms in High Point and Las Vegas. In emergencies, we do shop our local stores. Two of our favorites are HomeGoods and Z Gallerie.

What other services do you provide for clients?

LS: We have several clients that we provide concierge services for their vacation rental properties. We make sure that the homes look great for their guests. Luxe Home Staging and Design also leases furniture for luxury properties for corporations or long-term renters that are in South Florida temporarily. In the very near future, Luxe plans to be the resource in South Florida to other home stagers for furniture rental.

Quick Tips for Selling Your Home

Luxe Home Staging and Design shares five tips on how to achieve your home staging goals:

1. Less is More: The old adage less is more is true when selling your house. Remove all items that are no longer necessary. You are selling your space, not your stuff. Put away those collections, family photos and items that you don’t use on a daily basis.

2. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can transform a space. The bold colors that you loved while living in your home are not what buyers want to see today. Use a neutral palette throughout instead of a different color in every room. The house should flow.

3. Flooring: If it is in your budget, we recommend updating your flooring. There is nothing worse than dated and damaged flooring and carpeting.

4. Curb Appeal: The view from the street is so important. If you can’t see the house, you can’t sell it. Ensure bushes do not block walkways or windows. It is important to pressure clean the driveway, walkways and the roof. A front door should be clean and updated with new hardware. Be sure to have a doorbell that works.

5. Clean: Hire a professional cleaner. Buyers will view the house as well cared for.