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5 creative furniture pieces from Design Miami 2014

One-of-a-kind, couture furniture can be found at several galleries open to the public for this week's Design Miami. Below are a few pieces out of hundreds of eye-catching objects on display.
Photos and descriptions by Art Editor Marlene Sholod.

Jean Prouve

A 1940 "Cite" armchair constructed from sheet steel, leather and stretched canvas by French architect and designer Jean Prouve from Galerie Patrick Seguin/Paris. From December 4th through 7th, courtesy of Bally, you can see a reconstructed house designed by Prouve and Pierre Jeanneret in the garden behind the Delano Hotel on Collins Avenue.

Wave Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

This captivating lacquered wood, metal and glass piece easily morphs into a rectangular-closed console called the Wave Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz 2014 at Cristina Grajales Gallery/New York.

chair by Kang Myung Sun

Quiet curves and exquisite, shimmering mother-of-pearl skin on this chair by Kang Myung Sun at Gallery SEOMI/Seoul and L.A.

Nilufar's design

This stunning chest, made of opaline glass with vintage glass spheres seems to embody Nilufar's design manifesto: Discovering, Crossing, Creating.  This 2014 Roberto Giulio Rida's Settimanile (shown here with drawer open) is at the Nilufar Gallery/Milan.

Fendi-feathered chandelier from Galleria O./Roma

Brazilian Campana Brothers' ornate designs on the back of a sofa along with a Fendi-feathered chandelier from Galleria O./Roma.