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The Honey Pot Tree

Pooh Honey Pot Tree

Themed La Dolce Vita, The Royal Dames of Cancer Research invited confectioners to create centerpieces for guest tables at the luncheon. Sweeter Days Bake Shop pastry chefs drew inspiration from Walt Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Tree for Julie Strauch’s table, winning the Best Presentation contest. The tree featured small mason jars with individual desserts on a custom-built stand that featured a chocolate tree trunk laden with layers of cakes, cascading spring flowers and edible hand-painted butterflies.

Floral & Tabletop Design | Sweeter Days Bake Shop, Fort Lauderdale

Designer | Steve Crombe

Location | Thasos, Fort Lauderdale

Event | Royal Dames of Cancer Research, 
Spring Luncheon

Photography | Downtown Photo/Fort Lauderdale