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Try These Outdoor Design Tips From Local Experts

wood ceilings

Susan Lachance of Susan Lachance Interior Design Inc. 

Susan Lachance Interior Design Inc. creates high-end residential spaces with its six-person team, including Susan Lachance who’s been based in Boca for 45 years serving South Florida residents. She designed this outdoor space for a family located in St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton.

“The client wanted a contemporary look, but with a colorful vibe that would be perfect for entertaining,” Lachance says. Sleek furniture integrates the streamlined sectional seating, which is accentuated by a textural woven frame on the accent chairs. She included pops of vibrant colors, and warm wood ceilings invite guests to enjoy the intimate outdoor setting.

outdoor fire pit

What are your tips for creating a dream backyard?

The top three tips for designing a backyard are to add warmth to the space; to harmonize individual design elements together; and to create a more comfortable area that would make you want to enjoy that outdoor patio or backyard more often.

How can this be achieved?

By adding wood to plaster ceilings, the outdoor living area will feel more pleasant. To form a more enjoyable outdoor space you can bring in color through outdoor area rugs and add throw pillows on the seating to tie things together. This creates harmony between the different design pieces. Also important is incorporating design features that make the outdoor living area comfortable. This can be done by integrating bug screens with the patios that have overhangs to make the space more conclusive to spending more time outside.

What are some popular trends for outdoor spaces?

Fire bowls are trending as they enhance the pool area at night, which gives it a more inviting pool/patio experience.

beach shack vibe

Deborah Antoni of D’Antoni Outdoor Design

Deborah Antoni’s passion for outdoor living and design was cultivated when she was a young child growing up on the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

“To those who are unfamiliar with this unique island and culture it was/is one [where] people are proud of their creativity, appreciation for all the arts, their industries and most of all a passion for life,” she says.

She lived most of her adult life—30 plus years—as a professional attorney but always found her sanity creating “art made for living in”—what she calls outdoor sanctuaries. That’s why she switched careers and started a business designing beautiful backyards, or “the most unused and unappreciated ‘room’ in the home,” she says.

outdoor space

What are your tips on designing an outdoor space?

Realize that this outdoor space is a room. It is valuable space that can add enjoyment as well as value; design from the inside out. Outdoor design is an extension of the indoor space. It must flow and draw your eye out. Design to impress is always on people’s wish list, but design to welcome is paramount. So, how that space will serve to welcome your friends and your family and most importantly you is the true goal.

What is a simple way to improve a backyard?

To simply make a backyard look better never underestimate the power of container gardening and potted plants. When done with flair and deliberate style they can add warmth, charm or even drama to any space.

What are some popular outdoor trends?

The rise in popularity of “she sheds,” an unassuming, bare and seemingly useless small space can be transformed into a private retreat. It can be a getaway for reading, a bar-like setting or yoga and meditation. [There are] no rules.