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High Point Market Style Spotters 10 Breakout Trends For 2016

Pulp Design Studios

Beth Dotolo, RID, ASID of Pulp Design Studios in Dallas, Texas and Seattle, Washington, broke trends into two major movements: Ethereal and Vintage.

1 | The ethereal look, or neutral glam, is characterized by neutral colors in combination with Lucite and brass. There was a great deal of metallic detailing in the collections.

2 | A nod to vintage, but with a global feel, really stood out. In this “Tribal” trend, '60s and '70s earthy colors with tribal patterns conveyed a well-traveled, collective look—an eclectic mix of objects that may have been a combination of pieces collected during one's travels.

“There was a dichotomy between a lot of bright, saturated color and a lot of soft colors with grays and blacks, and metal details and finishes were everywhere, especially in silver tones,” says Leslie Hendrix Wood of Leslie Hendrix Wood Interiors in Midland, Texas. She broke the trends into four categories: Artisanal, PlexiPerfect, Pretty Please and Whimsical.

Adam's Interiors

(Lake Shore Watercolor Console by John Strauss in naval blue lacquer, stainless steel legs and digitally printed doors with adjustable shelves. Available through Adam's Interiors in Fort Lauderdale and KOM Furniture & Accessories in Miami.)

3 | Artisanal is a trend in which natural materials are being used in new and different ways. Artisans are crafting pieces with striking attention to detail. Experimentation with materials, especially those grounded in nature, result in cutting-edge design. Iconic materials are coming back. Natural materials including agate, bone, horn, limestone, onyx and rock crystals are being used in new and exciting ways, particularly in case goods and lighting.

4 | PlexiPerfect was a leading trend in which acrylic plays a major role. Plexiglas and acrylic reflect light and can inject any space with renewed energy.

Pulp Design Studios

(Sculptural silhouettes like this Melange Chair and Saffron Crackle Chest are showstoppers. Available at fine furniture retailers throughout South Florida.)

5 | Pretty Please, a swoon-worthy trend, is full of opulence and romance. We are seeing softer lines, curves, ruffles, ruching and jewel-like adornment that embrace a softer focus and give a gentle nod to refinement and elegance. Classical motifs are new again and add a surprisingly modern twist to timeless pieces. Curvy silhouettes and painted finishes abound.

6 | Whimsical defines the general tone of the show for Wood. “Whimsical touches have been added to furnishings and accessories with the use of bright saturated color and unusual shapes. When it comes to whimsy, it is more about balance and restraint. A sense of style and a sense of humor can go hand in hand,” she says.

In addition to the above, Arianne Bellizaire of Inspired to Style in Baton Rouge, Louisiana noted additional micro-trends.

7 | It has long been said that home furnishing trends closely follow the trends of the fashion world. At this market, several showrooms had collections that mimic the trends seen on the runway.

Nathan Anthony Furniture

(The Elan-S Swivel Chair by Nathan Anthony Furniture is inspired by the 1930s Dutch movement. The base can be changed from a swivel to wood or metal legs.)

8 | Sculptural silhouettes and 360-degree design is increasing due to the popularity of open floor plans and larger rooms that require designers to “float” furniture away from walls to create smaller vignettes within a room. In response to this, furniture designers are creating pieces that look great from all angles.

Currey & Company's Quorum Chandelier is made of recycled glass bottles and wrought iron with a silver leaf finish. Available at Excentricities in Delray Beach, Jupiter, North Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

9 | Upcycling and repurposing is becoming more evident in the home furnishings industry. Brands are finding interesting ways to use upcycled, recycled and repurposed materials in collections.

10 | Channel tufting and ruching were present on upholstered pieces in nearly every showroom.


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