Outdoor Designs Built to Survive South Florida’s Natural Elements with Style

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Outdoor Designs Built to Survive South Florida’s Natural Elements with Style

Durable Materials

Although there is a variety of outdoor furniture constructions, for many – especially those residing in humid, saltwater locales – aluminum is the go-to frame material. “With a natural resistance to corrosion and rust, aluminum offers not only beauty, but also durability and easy care. Aluminum outdoor furniture, which comprises 65 percent of the outdoor furnishings market in terms of customer desirability, also delivers a wide range of style options through cast, wrought or extruded designs.

Quality Construction

The construction of lasting furnishing begins with the material and continues with exacting attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process. Whether from pools or precipitation, moisture is a factor in South Florida and preventing it from entering into the furniture frame components is critical. Circumference welding, superior grinding, buffing and polishing during production ensures there are no gaps through which moisture can enter the frame structure and diminish durability.


Fierce Finishes Although aluminum is resistant to the South Florida elements, the addition of quality finishes, including multi-stage powder coating and clear coating, enhances weather resistance. When the metal is encased with a powder coating, the furniture is able to withstand the elements longer and maintain lasting color.

At Pride, we know the effects of sun on outdoor furnishings, so each individual finish selection has built-in ultraviolet inhibitors to retard fading and discoloration. Look for frame, finish, cushion, sling and fabric warranties when shopping for quality outdoor furnishings. Sun and Solution Dying Frames built to last require cushioning of equal durability.

Luxury outdoor furniture manufacturers pay close attention to providing cushion fabric and foam that withstands even the harshest of elements.

High-quality, 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic or acrylicblended fabrics will provide long life in the sun and humidity of South Florida. In contrast to printed fabrics, solution-dyed yarn to be used in manufacturing the fabric is dyed when in a liquid state and therefore is innately resistant to fading. Optimum fabrics also include factory treatments that resist stains and mildew. Selecting furnishings with quality fabrics provides ease of care and extended years of use.

Customized Comfort

Creating a one-of-a-kind outdoor room is possible with high-end outdoor furnishings. Our customers are making an investment in their outdoor décor and want the look to be customized to coordinate with exterior surroundings, and become an extension of their interior design, colors, fabrics and motif options. For example, more than 50 percent of our Castelle collection’s manufacturing involves custom orders with homeowners’ selections including the design collection, exact set pieces, decorative finish, cushion or seating fabric, with numerous other options.

Lengthen Luxury Living

The best outdoor furnishing brands for an al fresco lifestyle are those that provide multiple options for year-round use, not just a table and four chairs. Also key is the ability to completely dress an outdoor space for total family relaxation with sofas, love seats, multiple dining options and even entertainment-focused outdoor fire features that extend outdoor enjoyment into the evening.

Critical in outdoor furnishings is a combination of form, fit, function and, of course, luxury look and feel. Furnishings that are built to last ultimately offer maintenance-free enjoyment and stress-free use. That is a survival tip to which all can relate.

For 35 years, Pride Family Brands has held a leadership role in the outdoor furnishings industry, and in 2013, for the third consecutive year, was recognized for manufacturing leadership with the Manufacturer of the Year for Luxury Aluminum Award from the ICFA.

Lowsky is a graduate of Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance. He has been a member of Pride Family Brands’ management team for more than 20 years. He resides in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children.