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Publisher's Letter : Sherry's

Publisher's Letter: Spring has sprung

January was a big month. Not only did we bring Florida Home & Garden to life with its debut issue, but my daughter also brought a new family member into the world. We welcomed Ever Mae at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Southern California on a Wednesday.

Babies are exciting—especially for the grandparent who can pinch their chubby cheeks but board a plane back to South Florida when the crying begins.

My daughter doesn’t have that option. And often, no matter how cute a newborn may be, parents require some time to themselves to recharge.

Without having to go too far, some much needed me-time can be accomplished at home by sneaking off to a man cave, meditation garden, walk-in closet, library or office. In this issue, we offer pro tips and inspiration for how to create an “enclave of solitude” of your own on page 26.

During winter this year the country experienced unusually chilly temperatures, also known as “sweater weather” in South Florida. This means we’re anticipating the arrival of spring and the opportunity to be outdoors.

Our beautiful tropical landscape will soon be in full bloom. As many of us dine alfresco, we offer ideas for decorating in this outdoor living issue. Trends will be the focus, from elegant landscapes to elaborate outdoor kitchens.

In six dreamy home tours, you can review new products and sort through magnificent photos, picking up many brand new trends and ideas. There are many more additional ideas and suggestions that may be found on our Florida Home & Garden website, Facebook and Pinterest pages, too. We just can’t possibly show it all here.

Since we have a steamy summer ahead, we can all look forward to replacing those outdoor heaters with beautiful, chic umbrellas!

Publisher Sherry Goodman-Ash’s granddaughters:

Claire EvaSaylor BelleEver Mae