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Top 10 Trends Modern Sophisticates

Take it out of neutral. As interiors morph into supercharged collections in rich materials 
and colors pervade with striking contrasts, blur the lines between classic and 
modern, formal and casual, and soft and bold.

luxury furniture

Shine, Sheen, Lustre

From frame finishes and fine fabrics, to lighting, wallpaper and flooring, finishes demurely shine to elicit warmth, comfort and luxury.

earthen elements


Technological advances have enabled furniture designers to incorporate adaptations of the relaxing earthen elements and influences of authentic antiques in fine furnishings without compromising high style.

eclectic room setting


When used sparingly as a sophisticated focal point or as a curated combination in an eclectic room setting, mixing coordinated prints and classic patterns conveys individuality, playfulness and creativity.



No longer limited to dining rooms and foyers, mini and mighty crystal and glass chandeliers alike now illuminate kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and even closets and laundry rooms. Interestingly, lamps have taken on the look of statuary chandeliers at the bedside.

interiors color palette


One of the top trends in the interiors color palette, gold has once again surfaced as the dominant metal of choice. Whether represented as aged gold, polished gold, gold leaf metals or printed on and woven into textiles, the presence of gold is always powerful and luxurious. Brass, bronze and copper also trend forward.

occasional furniture

Bare Bones

Exposed framework or decorative mullions, often a characteristic of étagères and occasional pieces, is now also trending in dining and seating, exposing intricately designed wooden or metal finishes with surprising results.

regal velvet


Hearken all, as royalty reigns supreme. Along with gold and crystal, regal velvets reclaim top honors.



Want to add a touch of glam or make a small space appear more open? Take a second look at Lucite. With multiple patterns and prints in mixed textiles of bright colors adorning enclosed spaces, a little Lucite helps prevent sensory overload.

monochromatic decor


Even the extremes of minimally modern and truly traditional have a need for high impact. Bold is beautiful, whether as a solo focal point in monochromatic décor or the strong anchor in a colorful grouping.

Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered Headboards

Sleepy time is certain to be more dream-filled with a spectacularly oversized upholstered headboard. Destined to become a classic trend, upholstered headboards retain boudoir favor, with new oversized mirrored and wood headboards debuting.